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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

In the Garden—Garden Diary

It snowed this morning.

I've been waiting for more snow. I knew we weren't done with winter completely. But the snow didn't stick and now the sun is shining. Happy May Day!

Some of my tulips and daffodils are fading, but in addition to the red tulips I've got yellow tulips and two orangish pink ones. One is tiny and adorable.

Since last I posted about my flowers, peachy daffodils have come up. I consider this nothing short of a miracle. Last spring I noticed these beautiful peachy daffodils growing in the community garden. I love all things pale peach (including my boyfriend?), so when I went bulb shopping in the fall I looked for these daffodils, but found none for me to plant. But I was satisfied because I found ice folly bulbs, some of my favorites.

And yet, and yet! Only one ice folly has sprouted, but many of these peach flowers are blooming. Miracle!

Last week I planted twelve strawberry plants in various places about the yard, spinach seeds, and chives. I planted chive seeds from last year, so I hope they come up, and I also transplanted a chive I had in a pot indoors from last year that was scrawny and out-growing its pot. I've already got tiny green strawberries.

The west-facing plot was a complete mess, so I did some serious weeding and battled against a bunch of ugly spiders who had claimed the spot. Whoever had previously worked in this space seemed to be confused about whether they were trying to grow plants or creating a rock garden. In addition to large rocks, there was also a lot of kitty-litter-like pebbles. Anyway, I composted the plot, planted snap pea seeds and three strawberries while neighborhood cat Kingsly stepped in the soil and tried to play with the weeds. The neighborhood cats are using my freshly dug and seeded soil as a bathroom, and I'm hope that doesn't disturb things too much.

I still need to start seedlings indoors.

I also discovered the people I share the backyard with (I call them Mr. and Mrs. Downstairs) are moving out and will be replaced by two men. Unless these two men are big gardeners, I now have probably double the space in which to plant things. Yes!

What are you doing in your garden?

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