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—Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gardening Wednesday—Dear Diary

What's going on in my backyard this week: I've got spinach and snap peas growing! The last week we've had plenty of sun and warmth, and my little seeds are taking off. No chives coming up yet.

My strawberry plants have little yellow fruits on them. Their original leaves are going limp and brown, which is troubling, but most of them are putting out new leaves. I'd really like a few handfuls of straw to use as mulch around them to keep the temperature of the soil right and keep the berries out of the mud.

My tulips and daffodils are all losing their petals. Anyone know how long it takes for bulbs to go dormant, are how to tell if they're dormant?

Lilacs started blooming just a few days ago! The ones in my yard are not only fragrant, but have large pale petals that are lovely. When I drive around Moscow and Pullman, I'll catch wisps of lilac scent through my open windows even when I don't see the trees. My neighborhood is full of lilacs, and they're one of my favorite flowers.

I'm having issues with the lawn mower (user error?) but I don't mind too much because I love the long grasses. When Kingsly the cat comes to visit our yard is a jungle for him to explore. Tall seeded grasses look like little trembling aspens, and the dandelions-gone-to-seed rise even taller, scattered throughout like clouds.

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