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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

In the Garden—Planting Plans Part 1

I love figuring out what I'm going to plant in my garden! I've heard that making plans often gives us more pleasure than carrying out those plans, that making plans releases endorphins, and I know some endorphins are being released when I think about what I'm going to grow this summer. I'll let you in on some of it.

I'm going to start by planting in the plot by the shed. This is to give my bulbs in the south-facing border along the house time to go dormant, so I can dig them up and reseed the place. The first thing I'll plant are snap peas. The last frost in Moscow will probably be late May. Snap peas can be planted a month before the last frost, so I'll probably plant them between April 21 and 27. I chose those dates specifically because that's when the moon will be waxing; above-ground crops do well when the moon is growing. Snap peas should fix nitrogen into the soil.

As soon as the soil is workable (not too muddy or clumpy, certainly not frozen) I'll plant spinach and strawberries. Spinach and strawberries grow well together. I'll plant chives, too, but not in the same plot as the peas. Peas don't get along with members of the onion family. As we get close to the last frost I'll plant sweet peas and dill. Dill flowers attract beneficial insects.

To find out the last frost in your area, go here. To find out more about companion plants, go here.

I'll tell you about my post-frost plans next week. Do you have any gardening plans?

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